Wroclaw, Poland


My first time in Poland was in December and I was, as always, happy to visit a new country.

The experience was odd and new, I got to try tradional polish dishes like Barszcz a vegetable soup, Chłodnik is a beet soup, Kartoflanka potato soup as well as many other new dishes.

My friends took me on a Steet art tour around Wroclaw, which was the city we were staying in.


We started at Odra river and walked around. I would like to remember the names of the places we went to  but when you are with friends and having a good time the last thing you do is check in on facebook to register where you are, there’s not enough time.


We eventually made our way to Most Grunwaldzki wich was one of my favourite parts since the sunset was just breathtaking, full of ducks everywhere and the sky was so pink!

This was my first city in Poland and the trip continues, keep posted to find cool places!



Kora Salas

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