TBT: Oktoberfest

My first Oktoberfest and it will not be the last one.


Now, I don’t drink beer, to be honest I don’t really like the flavour, but that didn’t stop me from having so much fun! I went with friends from different countries like USA, France and Africa, we had A LOT of time to get to know each other since we took several trains from Frankfurt to Munich. Now days the conversations have been mostly forgotten but I do remember laughing so much the whole trip, it’s always amazing how different people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries can get together and bond like we have known each other for decades.

We danced, drank, talked, walked around Munich at midnight trying to find a party and ended up dancing on the streets next to a police car that was blasting music to keep the party going and meeting even more happy people.



As we continued walking, we ended up dancing to Bob Marley’s songs on the street next to other tourist while the small band played relaxed on the background.

We went on games, tried every dish – and every drink, we got to know the locals and the not so locals. But the most amazing part of it all was when we were in this beer tent and people started singing ” Schätzi Schenk mir ein Photo, Schenk mir ein Photo von dir” and everybody got super exited and people started doing bottoms up and singing and dancing, it was all very contagious, the energy going around the room!

Along with other adventures that happened on the trip that I will forever treasure, it was such an amazing experience that I will definitely repeat and encourage you guys to go! Even once in your life, it’s worth it!


Kora Salas

IG & Twitter: @kora_salas

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