The north pole

The days spent in Rovaniemi were endlessly white. But there is a memory, the one that stroke me the most. It was not riding with reindeers, or drinking finish vodka in an igloo. Or let alone the fact of being in the freaking North Pole. It was around midnight, perhaps even more. I was freezing, trembling, my hands were hurting, and still I climbed the stairs to the ceiling. It was all worth it.

It was an instant that felt like an eternity. I was mesmerised by the beauty of it, snow. Snow all around me, a large road, surrounded by huge trees, and at the end, at the horizon, you could see the city lights glimmering, shining, reminding you that somewhere far away, beyond the beauty of nature, man kind still exited.

And then you look up, and you forget the fact that your hands are turning blue, because you are suddenly in another world. A world full of colors. Pink, green, blue and yellow, like tiny brush strokes across the sky, dancing in symphony with the stars.

It was all true, it was all real, it was all so fast…

Welcome to the North Pole, home to Santa Claus!


After several months of not seeing my mother we finally got reunited in Europe, this time, the North Pole.

I was excited to see her again, it was gonna be our first time together in Europe, naturally my head was spinning with exciment! She flew from California and I left Frankfurt, the meeting point? Rovaniemi aka. Santa Claus Village!


Rovaniemi has a lot to offer, this village has a small restaurant with the most outrageous meals! They have a reindeer soup! I coudn’t bring myself to try it, I find them way to beautiful to eat but perhaps if you’re feeling wild you could go for it.

Not only if the food a wild experience, they also have different activities like reindeer sliding, dog walking, building an igloo, staying in an ice hotel, etc!


You can chill in the lobby next to the fireplace and drink a hot beverage 🙂


Pet this cuties ❤ Ps: They’re super friendly and adorable! I wanted to take one home…

Or better yet, you take a ride inside a forest with them!


You can also battle the cold with a warm drink!



Sleep inside an igloo *brrr*



Here’s the link to Santa Claus Village! Go check it out and book your next vacations there!

By Kora Salas

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