Travel thoughts

It is nice being able to do this. I mean, sitting in small restaurants at gas stations, looking at the silly souvenirs they have on display, drinking – as usual – a Latte Macchiato. Listening to conversations other people have and looking and the corporal gestures when you cannot hear.
Imagining what their life’s are like. Do they go home? Do they leave home? How many days where they out? Are they happy to come back? Do they leave somebody behind? I realize everybody holds secrets, everybody is a galaxy and we don’t often think about this. We think that only us can have ‘situations’ and only us can say it’s ‘complicated’ and what a silly custom that is.
They are some characters in this bus all right. There is the tall blue haired girl that has the whole ‘I’m too cool to be here’ attitude going on, and boy, do I like her hair. It reminds of the ocean… Speaking of the ocean, the air is rather suffocated, there is a lot of fog, and for an instant, I thought I could smell the beach and hear the seagulls, but that was just a product of my imagination. Lately, I have been thinking a lot of home. Of the sun, the waves, the beach, the sand, tons of people carrying surfboards and pretty girls with long braids and sun kissed skin riding bikes. I miss seeing fly kites coloring the sky, and at night, I miss the sound the wood makes when you lit fire to it.  I miss sleeping next to it and waking up at 4 am in the beach, groggy, chilly, and hearing somewhere not far away some dolphins swimming in the waves.
There is also another girl, who sat down next to me with a bunch of fashion magazines, but surprised me completely when she took out her notebook and started drawing the models. The talent she has is incredible, the way she captured perfectly the expression on the images it is impressive and inspiring. We also have the guy who wears the typical hip hop attire, but when the bus started driving he took out a Scott Fitzgerald’s novel…
In addition, like that they are many, many others. In this bus, in this town, in this world. People who look like they are something, but turn out to be the opposite and what a lovely reminder that is. That no matter where you are, you are never truly alone. We have a connection with all human beings; we can always find common ground.

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