Poland (2nd round & keep it coming!)

My week in Poland was one of the weirdest yet most pleasant weeks of my life! As I got to experience new adventures, things I never though I would do but accepted them along the way and I am pleased to add this certain things to my collection of  memoirs.


I felt myself loved by the known and unknown people surrounding me as strangers quickly became friends.

I hope I never forget that sweet Polish guy who thought me so much about cars and took me to vintage races with him, or the hilarious moment when he took out an old music box from the back seat! It was really odd and strange since we were in the middle of nowhere in a vintage car with this music box playing as loud as it could some slow polish song which of course I couldn’t understand and it all just felt like we were in another time, and what a pleasant feeling that was. Another thing I enjoyed very much was the walks we all took inside the forests seeing animals around us and just laying on the grass taking the sun in and talking nonsense, of course who could forget the beautiful terraces you can find when stumbling upon hidden castles and making picnics on the steps where once royalty lived, it was all fairy tale like.


And going back to the most common stuff like riding horses in the morning and making barbeques in the afternoon, celebrating my birthday in the city center going shopping like crazy, drinking more champagne than water and dinning in Wroclaw´s first high class restaurant. Walking around the streets and stumbling across beautiful markets where you can buy local art, getting inside fountains in Rynek and just observing the architecture while getting dry, or spending the nights in Jacuzzi´s making vodka contest and after that exploring abandoned buildings nearly destroyed from the war.


After this beautiful week, Poland has definitely made it on my “Places to live” list as the day to day life is relatively cheap (at least cheaper that Paris, for sure) and the language is not as hard as I once thought.

I´m looking forward to visiting this charming country once again!

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