38 things you can do in the Paris for free! (Or under $10 bucks)

  1. Visit a bar a vin, sit down, take a sip and enjoy making new friends.


2. Walk around Paris and ride this! You’ll feel like a kid again, promise 🙂


3. Visit sex shops in Montmartre, near the Moulin Rouge.12707131283_fad7075f49_k

4. Just get lost in Paris.12707209465_85cada28d5_k

5. Dress up & go to Cafe de la Paix for a delicious cup of coffee.12707215395_e8eacd021b_k

6. Admire the details of the buildings & streets.12707368403_1aeb347aac_k

7. Visit Trocadero at night.12707400163_032a0d9509_k

8. Find cool grafitti!12707434944_c52b90f439_k

9.  Visit Cafe de deux moulins from the Amelie film! You’ll adore it!!!12707486014_f4773aa52a_k

10. Walk around the little streets in Paris (maybe you’ll find a cute boutique with soldes!)12707706904_11c1e87f77_k

11. Find quotes (Love is dead, somehow sounds sexier in french… hmm)12707716664_9f94a907ea_k

12. It’s all about the art inside a metro station.14964695210_f2f64e0599_o

13. Enjoy the view @Trocadero.14964807718_a245a31b81_o

14. Walk by la Seine15092239958_47e66e2557_k

15. Go to Sacre Coeur!15094205697_75151570f9_k

16. Dance “para bailar la bamba” inside a metro.15148362931_3736441226_o

17. Have Macarons for breaksfast @Larnicol, yummy!15257691206_ce1d8f79e8_k

18. Chill at a park and enjoy a panoramic view of Paris.15257714436_be1c6cb2a1_k

19. Enjoy the architecture!15278963005_4731d45e3a_k

20. Hop inside a Ferris Wheel!15279912612_514b4f35ed_k

21. Chill at Jardin des Tuleries, bring your own baguette and have lunch there with friends!15279954132_1609ecdd1e_k

22. Go to Concorde & take a fashionable pic for IG!


23. View the Eiffel Tower light up from a balcony or ceiling (maybe open a bottle of wine too!)


24. Visit Musee D’orsay! My favorite museum in the whole world!20878158190_1676f9e5dc_o

25. Admire the extravagant Barroque details!


26. Visit the Alexander III bridge 🙂20878394848_d2ca6d1660_o

27. Go to “Les mur de je t’aime” with your loved one.20879439219_82fa5fdd1f_o

28. Enjoy a show and go clubbing next to Moulin Rouge.20879504639_89290a1bc6_o

29. Visit the underground dark side of Paris (andbone my fav places)20882473748_960e9d20a5_o

30. Find art pieces.20883584039_81fa290620_o

31. Go to Notre Dame 🙂21039995446_9929f328c2_o

32. Climb the Eiffel Tower at night.21040007846_a0aab022e6_o

33. Enjoy the music inside the metro station.21040065966_abc07345b2_o

34. Sit down next to La Seine and relax.21056227372_f6eb1a34fa_o

35. Take a boat tour.21056261842_2f65150ea6_o

36. Visit a cementery (and bring a map so you don’t get lost like I did…)21066207895_80057c79e4_o

37.Find creepy art that you love!21073918161_738916ea0d_o

38. Go to Champs Elysees!21086399962_7e0960630d_o

Hope you enjoyed reading my favorite things to do in Paris! Follow me & read more about my travel adventures!

Love, K.

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