New arrivals I’m totally obsessed with! (ZARA edition)

Ok guys, originally this post was gonna talk about all the new arrivals in different stores but I just loved Zara this season so so much I couldn’t help myself! Shop this amazing new arrivals at easy budget friendly prices! I know for sure after writing this article I’ll go straight to Zara for them!



Numéro 1

This cool crossbody bag you can style with a black bodysuit, high waisted  light jeans and velvet booties in any dark color for a night out with your girlfriends or a feminine fluffy sweater with leather leggings and knee high boots for a day in the city!



Shop here for just $89.90!


Numéro deux

Shop this cool sparkly long sleeved top for $22.90 here <- !


You can style it with floral patterns, black and white stripes or – for a more formal look- a black suit.


Numéro 3

I personally love this sequinned dress, I think it’s a must have because it’s so sparkly and it drawns so much attention by itself that you don’t have to put that much effort with your hair and make up, a simple messy bun or just let your hair loose, apply another wand of mascara and you are good to go! It’s perfect for a last minute night out! You can get it for $69.90 at Zara



Numéro 4

This beanies cuz yeah…

They match with EVERYTHING! (only  $15.90 *wink wink 😉 nudge nudge*)


Numéro 5


YES YES YES!!! What else could you ask for? The badass vibe from a biker jacket and the beautiful metallic shade!


Only $69.90 here! And while you are falling in love with this pieces, listen to my fav playlist here <- <- <-


Numéro 6

This metallic mini skirt is basically my love. It’s so perfect with the little details! You can wear it with a hoodie and sneakers, flats, knee high boots or oxfords! or for an office look with a white blouse, tight, ballerina flats and a messy bun! Buy it now here! Only $35.90 (yes please!)



Numéro 7

This minaudiere is the only thing you will need going out at night (and undies of course) 🙂

Buy here for just $69.90 (Whaaaaaaat)

Of course I loved everything from Zara but these 7 pieces I could definitely visualize myself wearing. For more tips follow my site! For silly thoughts follow me on twitter, for amazing snaps of what I eat follow me on Snapchat as kora_salas and for lovely travel and fashion pictures, follow me on Instagram! Now! ❤

Lots of love, K.

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