H&M New Arrivals (I’m totally obsessed with)

New week means new clothes, this week H&M takes our hearts and, naturally our money.

With this new cool items, your fall #klosette will be a complete success!


So, first item on the list:


hmprod (1).jpg

You can style this rocker golden boots with cropped demin washed jeans, a cool vintage t-shirt and a blazer for a casual Sunday look, skinny light jeans and a white formal shirt with a black choker for casual Friday at the office, with a funny skirt and a simple tee with jean jacket or a blazer, and last but not least! throw on a fall dress with little flowers and a vest for a romantic bohemian date or black trousers and a black top for a club, let the shoes shine!

Buy them here for $49.99


This cool bomber jacket for $69.99  <—


Below you can see some street style examples of the bomber jacket

As you can see, a bomber jacket is really easy to pull of as long as you don’t over do it; you can wear it with a velvet skirt, vintage jean skirt, formal trousers, ripped jeans, as a blazer or even a dress.

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Lots of love,



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