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Good morning upper East sidders, it’s GG here… Jk, it’s me! 

After months working my a** on my thesis, today is the day I finally present it, that’s the reason I’ve been so disconnected from my blog and social media, how ever, I have been attending fashion shows and events while I was out (otherwise I would have gone insane!).

It’s safe to say it’s a new year and a new beginning, non less this 2016 has brought me amazing experiences like making worldwide friends, accomplishing a life long dream of mine, that is, going to the United Nations in New York and not as a tourist, as a country delegate! I’m incredibly proud of myself and it has been very clear to me that when you really desire something, nothing can stop you. I also want to be thankful for getting invited to 5 fashion shows during the year as a journalist, getting published on The Guardian, a very prestige newspaper and this is just the beginning.

As 2017 is around the corner and we only have a couple more days I’ll say goodbye to a terrible cold I got this week and I’ll be ending my year in the happiest place on earth with the people I love the most.

And as for my new year goals: 

1. Study fashion

2. Get certified as an interpret/translator in French and German

3. Publish a book 

4. Open a store

5. Get published on a fashion magazine

What are your 2017 goals?

Goodbye 2016, it’s been real

*mic drop*


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