Summer in Rosarito!

Where to go, what to eat and where’s the party?


( @violetaximello / @kora_salas / @luckyinstyle / @montserratmurilloc )

Ahhhh! Rosarito, nothing’s better than spending your days drinking margaritas by the pool and watching sunsets on the beach! If you love doing those two things, then Rosarito is the ideal small town for you!


I spend a lovely time at Hotel Festival Plaza during the weekend with my blogger friends!



Hotel Festival Plaza is located in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, near all the main tourist attractions such as the Puerto Nuevo lobster village, the Popotla Fisherman village, Real del Mar Gold Course, the vineyards at the Guadalupe Wine Valley, Papas and Beer beach club, a variety of restaurants, land and sea activities, shopping and much more!


We enjoyed the day chilling by the pool, sipping margaritas, ate at Food Fest (local food market), went to the beach, watched the sun set, enjoyed the Jacuzzi with a glass of wine, went to a concert with paella and even more wine & spend the night clubbing at the beach!


The next day we had a delicious breakfast at El Patio, I love the Green Chilaquiles they have! So spicy and yummy!



Things to do in Rosarito:


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  1. Simona Tinca says:

    Really nice ♥️ Love your photos they’re so colorful.


  2. You replied to this comment.


    1. KORA SALAS says:

      Thanks Sheryl! I sure did!


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