Hi guys! Here’s a little info about me! 🙂

I created my first blog back in 2011 when I moved to France and wrote about tourist attractions and off the path hidden gems in different cities in Europe until 2015. My passion for Fashion Journalism started until late 2016 when I started hanging out with friends who were working in the fashion industry or studied fashion design.

I have a major in communications and speak fluently 4 languages (Spanish, English, French & German) with a passion for fashion journalism, street style/ fashion photography & most recently, vlogging on YouTube.

I was born in Mexico City but I’ve been living in the Tijuana/San Diego area my whole life, the typical Californian lifestyle. I have written for magazines and travel blogs, as well created content for different companies & platforms.

I’ve started my own brand called Klosette where we sell accesories and we’re working on several projects like fashion workshops, style books & collaborating with bloggers all over the world.

Stay around to see my adventures and follow me on social media!



  • Paris article with JAI Magazine / February 2015
  • Fashion interview with BAT (Bienvenida a Tijuana) / January 2016
  • Tijuana Innovamoda / October 2016
  • Tommy Hilfigher fashion show NYFW / February 2017
  • Mikasa Affliate / March 2017
  • LA Style Week / March 2017
  • Schwarzkopf campaign / April 2017
  • PoppyApparel Shop campaign / May 2017
  • Beauty Bakerie Makeup grand opening, special guest / May 2017
  • Hotel Festival Plaza Weekend Get Away campaign / May 2017
  • Biossance #2000Reasons campaign / July 2017
  • LunchboxWax campaign / July 2017